Do You Need Luck to Be Successful?

Luck is an interesting concept that many people wave off as a by-product of life. Individuals believe fortune is a random occurrence, but nothing in life is ever accidental. Chance is more scientific and data-driven than you may think. Luck is the observation of a higher probability in a situation. You recognize fortune once a series of events benefit a goal or desire. 

Think about it. The possibility of picking up a life-changing book from the library is not luck.  It’s a solvable probability equation. People believe opportunity’s magical force blindly falls on helpless humans while misfortune torments the life of a few unfortunate by chance. Scientific tests and data have proven this wrong. Each decision you make has a probability. 

Life is not a game of chance. Instead, it’s a collection of the probabilities of your decisions. 

Each decision, action, and experience has a set statistical value. But then why do some people have more favorable chances than others? The luckiest people are the most optimistic. It seems almost too simple that an optimistic view on life increases luck, but it is true. Happier people are not luckier by chance. Instead, their hopeful outlook of life leads them to conclude that everyone can be fortunate. Instead of moping around about dire situations, they reframe their story. The way someone perceives a situation considerably affects their belief of whether they will be lucky in the future. If you believe bad things happen to you all the time, you will start to look for evil in every situation. In contrast, once you learn to find something positive in each experience, you will feel prosperous all the time. Therefore, the most fortunate people are the happiest people because they deliberately choose not to examine poor outcomes. 

If you are waiting for a fortunate breakthrough, stop waiting. Luck does not come to you. You have to find it. Surround yourself with stimulating opportunities. Seek ways to build your skills and provide value to the world and its people. Notice possibilities, make decisions based on your intuition and believe that you can flourish. Stop thinking you are unlucky. Even if you fail along the way, view it as a step towards success. Trust that the individual events in your life (lucky or unlucky) will connect somehow in the future. Events that seem unfortunate at the moment might have saved your life in the long run. Experiment and listen to what your gut is telling you. Work on developing a mindset that can quickly recover from negative experiences and shed light on advantageous solutions. 

People believe in luck because they don’t dare to take the responsibilities of life into their own hands. Too often, individuals blame their unfavorable consequences on their streak of misfortune. This is a terrible excuse to use. Like luck, misfortune is also a probability and favors some people over others. Once you accept that you can control everything in your world, you change the result of everything.  Bad luck magically vanishes once you start believing good outcomes are possible. How do you start doing that? By always striving to make the best out of any circumstance. “It’s not about the cards you’re dealt,” said Randy Pausch, “but how you play the hand.”

Imagine you won one million dollars on the lottery. You know what, make it ten million dollars. You could stop working, spend an extended amount of time with family, travel the world, buy expensive things, and fund your wildest dreams. You could achieve absolute freedom. Before you start drawing up elaborate plans to make this money, I’ll let you in on a secret. With ten million in cash, you still would not be fulfilled. But you don’t need to win ten million dollars to live a prosperous life. You could start living an abundant life now. Once you stop undervaluing the present and overvaluing the future, you have achieved freedom. Appreciate what you have, cut out the non-essential, and express gratitude towards your life. That is how real millionaires live. 

All in all, luck is not a mystical force. It’s something you can manipulate to serve you better. Seek opportunity, and you will be rewarded.

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